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  December 15, 2017

Contact Information

1. Product Questions & Customer Service

Because all the external links on our site point directly to the official stores, you are buying from the official merchants.
This has the big advantage that you have access to the best available support directly from the official companies.

For all questions about
  • Products
  • Replacement Parts
  • Availability
  • Payments
  • Delivery
  • and Orders
you can contact the specific merchant directly.

Note: We don't sell product ourselves and have NO information about you or your order.

2. Feedback or Questions about this website

We would like to hear from you.

If you have comments, questions, or suggestions, please contact us.
The more information you provide, the more quickly we will be able to improve this gardening site to meet your needs.

You can provide us with feedback at

We thank You for your feedback,

The "America Garden" team


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