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  December 15, 2017

Organic Gardening

Introduction to Organic Gardening

Organic gardeners don't use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides on their plants and vegetables.

When you garden organically, you think of your plants as part of a whole system within Nature that starts in the soil and includes the water supply, people, wildlife and even insects. An organic gardener strives to work in harmony with natural systems and to minimize and continually replenish any resources the garden consumes.

Organic Gardening - Online shops

Gardens Alive! - Environmentally responsible products that work!  - www.gardensalive.com
Gardens Alive! (once Natural Gardening Research Center) offers high quality Lawn and Garden products that work with nature.
Gardens Alive is the premier supplier of environmentally friendly products for the home, lawn, garden and orchard; Gardens Alive! is dedicated to biological control of garden pests a full line of products that are tested and proven to be an effective alternative to harsh chemicals.

Whether you want to control fleas in your home, pests in your garden or moths on your fine woolens; whether you want to keep deer from destroying your landscape plants or want to raise spectacular roses without chemicals; or whether you're growing bulbs or vegetables or fruit trees or grass seed, Gardens Alive! has a product that will help you succeed without turning your garden, yard or home into a minefield of chemical worries, a product that can save your peace of mind and soothe your budget.

Gardens Alive has a full array of natural gardening products:
  • Backyard Birds - Foods That Attract Certain Species of Birds
  • Beneficial Insects - e.g. how to attract beneficial insects, Bee-Scent™ spray, beneficial nematodes, whitefly parasitoid, redworms, earthworm cocoons & food, green lacewings, trichogramma, lady beetles,..
  • Composting - e.g. Compost Alive!® One, Compost Aerator, Compost Digester, Gardener's Gold™ Premium Compost, Compost Alive!® Activator, Perfect Start™ Natural Potting Soil, Redworms
  • Cover Crops - Buckwheat, Garden Cover Blend, Grain Sorghum, Hairy Vetch, Haven™ Cover Crop, Haven™ Flowering Herbs, Rapeseed, Summer Cover Blend, White Dutch Clover, Winter Cover Blend, Winter Rye
  • Disease Control - e.g. Bordeaux Mixture, Copper Spray Pint, Dustin-Mizer, Green Guard™ Plant Growth Enhancer, Liquid Sulfur, Pyola®/ Soap-Shield® Combo, Rose Growers Kit, Rotenone/Copper Combo, Rot-Stop™ Spray, Serenade Solutions™ Biofungicide for the Home and Garden, Shield-All II™ Neem Fungicide, Soap-Shield® Fungicidal Soap, SoilGard™ Microbial Fungicide
  • Fertilizers - 100% All Natural Fertilizers
  • Flower Gardening - Everything for natural Flower Gardening, e.g. bulbs, flower fertilizers, soil test kits,..
  • Home Orchards - All-Natural producst to helps fruit trees grow faster and bear big, delicious harvests
  • Household - e.g. Clean-Flow!™ Microbial Deodorizer, Cupboard Moth Trap™, Deer Fly Defense Patch, Earth's Answer TM Home Products, Flow!™ Bio-Maintenance for Drains and Septic Systems, Fly Paper, Houseplants Alive!®, Knock-Out Gnats™, Mice Cube, Moth-Away™ Repellent, Orange Guard, Protective Gloves, Roach Free™ System, Sting Free™ Insect Bite Protector, Yellow Jacket and Wasp Trap, Yellow Sticky Traps
  • Lawn Care - Natural Lawn Care products
  • Pest Controls - Natural Pest Control with Natural Pesticides.
  • Pet Care - Natural Pet Food & Pet Vitamins, e.g. Alive! Dog™ Vitamins, Natural Animal™ Bits, Insect Growth Regulator (stop the flea), Pets Alive!™
  • Reference - Building a Healthy Lawn, Lawns Without Chemicals, National Wildlife Federation's Wildlife Habitat, Planning Guide for Backyards and Beyond, Stay Organic Garden Club, The Backyard Berry Book, The Backyard Orchardist
  • Row Covers - Floating Row Covers, Super-Light Insect Barrier, Heavyweight Row Covers, Tunlcover™
  • Tools and Accessories - e.g. All-Purpose Respirator, Bionic™ Gardening Gloves, Compost Aerator, Dustin-Mizer, Floating Row Covers, Flutterby Butterfly Feeder, Garden Backpack Sprayer, Garden Spray Bottles, Gardening Goggles, Hose-End Sprayer, Knee savers, On-Gard!™ Tree and Plant Protector, Stainless Steel Garden Sprayer, The Backyard Berry Book, Tree Guards, Tree Support, U-Shaped Pins, Wall O' Waters,..
  • Vegetable Gardening - Natural products to activate soil organisms and enhances plant growth, all natural fertilizers, insecticidal sprays,..
  • Weed Control - e.g. Original WOW!® (without weeds), Granulated WOW!®, WOW!® Plus, Weed Barrier Mat (Medium, Heavy), N-Lite!™ Special Lawn Food, Turbo-Tomato!™ Mulch, Weed-Aside™ Weed Killer (Pint), Moss Aside™ Herbicidal Soap, U-Shaped Pins
Shipping: USA

Green Tools

Green Garden Tools  - www.greengardentools.com
GreenGardenTools.com is probably the largest online merchant of cheap environmentally friendly hand, battery and electrically powered lawn and garden tools. You can buy at factory discount pricing!
Huge inventory, e.g.:
  • electric lawn mowers - cable, cordless, and robotic
  • propane powered lawn & garden tools
  • electric garden tillers
  • cordless branch & grass trimmers
  • blowers
  • sweepers
  • chainsaws
  • green houses
  • and much more..
Shipping: Worldwide

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