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  December 15, 2017

Discount Swimming Pools & Pool Supplies

Online stores for Discount Swimming Pools & Pool Supplies

Pool Products
PoolProducts.com - Discount Pool Supply Store!
 - www.poolproducts.com

Speciality Pool Products or PoolProducts.com has all of the must-have products for your pool, spa, backyard & home.

They sell cheap top-quality producs, e.g.:

  • Pools - above-ground pools, intex pool kits, in-ground pools
  • Pool & Spa Equipment - Cleanersn pumps, filters, filter systems, heaters, replacement filter cartridges, salt systems, chlorinators, chemical feeders
  • Pool Chemicals - vhlorine, bromine, pool shock, water balancing chemicals, algaecides, clarifiers, cleaners, chlorine-free alternatives, water test kits, etc.
  • Pool Closing - closing kits, winter covers, safety covers, cover pumps, leaf catchers, etc.
  • Pool Cleaners - in-ground and above-ground cleaners, robotic cleaners, suction cleaners, pressure cleaners
  • Liners - above-ground liners, in-ground liners
  • Eco-Friendly Products
and hundreds of innovative items for backyard, patio & home.

FREE shipping on every order being shipped to street addresses within the contiguous U.S. - regardless of the size, price or weight!

Shipping: USA, Canada and International
InTheSwim.com  - www.intheswim.com
In the Swim was founded in 1982 and offers almost anything for your pool.
The In the Swim main product categories include:
  • Pool Chemicals - Chlorine & Bromine, Start-Up Kits, Pool Shock, Pool Algaecides, Pool Clarifiers,..
  • Pool Equipment - Automatic Pool Cleaners, Pool Pumps & Filters, Pool Heaters, Filter Cartridges, Pool Parts,..
  • Pool Liners - In-Ground and Above Ground Liners
  • Pool Covers - In-Ground Covers, Solar Covers and Reels, Above Ground Covers, ..
  • Pool Accessories - Pool Paint, Steps & Ladders for In-Ground Pools, Steps & Ladders For Above Ground Pools, Pool Slides, Pool Chairs & Lounges,..
  • Above Ground Pools - Steel Wall Pools, Intex Softsided Pools, Above Ground Fencing, Above Ground Pool Decks,..
  • Spa & Hot Tub - Portable Spas & Hot Tubs, Spa Cartridges, Spa Covers, Spa Chemicals

One Day Delivery! (Look for the rocket ship icon on the website for next-day items)
30-Day Money Back Guarantee!
Shipping: USA and Canada


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